2015 POP 46 Endorsements

For Immediate Release

January 8, 2015

For further information, contact:

D’Angelo Boyland, (773) 986-1641


New Grassroots Organization Endorses in 46th Ward Aldermanic Race

POP46 — “People over Politics in the 46th Ward” — strongly rebuked the incumbent in its recent decision to endorse not one, but both, of his challengers in the 46th Ward’s Aldermanic contest. The grassroots group announced that it would back both Amy Crawford and Denice Davis, and pledged to mobilize its resources, including boots on the ground, for both campaigns in order to defeat incumbent James Cappleman on February 24th.

“After listening carefully to both candidates, POP46 decided either one would do a far better job of putting regular people first than our current alderman, who has allowed special interests to dominate our neighborhood’s politics for the last four years” said D’Angelo Boyland, who will serve as Chair of the PAC. POP46’s dual endorsements come after it invited each of the three candidates to a 30-minute endorsement meeting in December. Dozens of progressive voters interviewed both Crawford and Davis at the meeting; Cappleman declined the invitation, citing a schedule conflict.

“I am humbled and grateful that POP46, which shares my belief that elected officials should address the needs of the least fortunate, has determined that my candidacy meets their high standards of service,” said Davis. “I am pleased to have the endorsement of POP 46.  I appreciate the group’s recognition that I can bring stronger, more effective leadership on public safety, economic development, and neighborhood schools,” said Crawford.

POP46 was formed by a diverse group of neighborhood activists with deep ties in the community in order to support viable candidates who share its values, including affordable housing, public education, fairness, and equal voices in democracy. For more information about POP46, contact D’Angelo Boyland at dangelo.boyland@gmail.com.


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