Anti – Endorsement of James Cappleman


Anti Endorsement of James Cappleman for 46th Ward Alderman

WHEREAS People Over Politics in the 46th Ward supports candidates who value fairness, action, justice, affordable housing, public education, democracy, and equal say; and

WHEREAS we believe elected leaders should represent all of their constituents, regardless of age, race, income, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion; and

WHEREAS we act in the interest of keeping elected officials accountable to the values that unite us as well as an inclusive vision for our neighborhoods that recognizes that it is people not places that make a community; and

WHEREAS during his service as Alderman, James Cappleman has facilitated conversion of low cost housing and the forced relocation of more than 1200 ward residents; and

WHEREAS on January 20, 2011 Cappleman committed to over 500 people to support the non profit rehabilitation of the Lawrence House so that the building could be improved and current residents could stay in their homes; and instead facilitated the sale of the building to one of his major campaign contributors; and

WHEREAS there are multiple examples of Cappleman taking action as Alderman in favor of developers over Ward residents; and

WHEREAS Cappleman has proven to be ineffective and inefficient in navigating city government to provide adequate services for ward residents; and

WHEREAS Cappleman has advocated for the arrest of homeless people for sleeping in city parks; and

WHEREAS in an undertaking targeting black youth, Cappleman had the park district remove the basketball rims from the play lot on the 4400 block of North Magnolia; and

WHEREAS Cappleman invited a pigeon trapper to Lawrence avenue to catch pigeons for sport killing; and

WHEREAS Cappleman has removed bus shelters and benches from the ward forcing seniors and others who ride the bus to bear the brunt of bad weather and long bus waits; and

WHEREAS The majority of school closings on the north side were in the 46th Ward and Cappleman did not work to stop the closings; and

WHEREAS Cappleman has not advocated for space in proposed selective enrollment schools in the ward to be reserved for neighborhood residents; and

WHEREAS Cappleman actively advocates to limit services available to homeless and mentally ill residents of the 46th Ward; and

WHEREAS Cappleman worked to shut down men’s cubicle hotels and evict the residents while insisting it was out of concern for the welfare of the residents who were becoming homeless; and

WHEREAS Cappleman bullied the Salvation Army in attempts to end their feeding program for homeless people who live in the ward – an effort that was summarized by Mark Brown at the Chicago Sun Times as the “Do Not Feed the Pigeons Theory of dealing with the homeless.”

RESOLVED, People Over Politics in the 46th Ward affirms that all residents of the ward deserve elected officials that approach the serious issues confronting our community with more thoughtfulness and effectiveness; and further

RESOLVED, POP 46 Anti-endorses Cappleman in the 2015 Municipal Election to encourage all ward voters to vote against him on February 24; and further

RESOLVED, POP 46 members will volunteer time to support efforts that ensure Cappleman is not re-elected as Alderman in the 46th Ward.

This document was created by POP 46 to share information with 46th Ward residents. Labor and printing costs donated by POP 46 members and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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