Our name is People Over Politics in the 46th Ward. We are an independent political organization created to support candidates who value affordable housing, public education, fairness, democracy, and equal say.

We believe elected leaders should represent all of their constituents, regardless of age, race, income, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.

We act in the interest of keeping elected officials accountable to the values that unite us as well as an inclusive vision for our neighborhoods that recognizes that it is people not places that make a community.

We will support reasonable, fair, and inclusive elected leadership through political action.

Specifically, Aldermanic Candidates in the 46th Ward should support and actively lobby for the following policies:

Decision-making/democratic process

  1. Democratic decision making in the ward that allows for maximum participation by all people in the community, ensuring diverse representation including race, income, background, age, and status as an owner or renter or homeless.
  2. Assistance to the most vulnerable and disenfranchised in the community
  3. Ensure that elected officials are accountable to all people, not just the wealthiest campaign contributors, by using a limited amount of public funds to match voters’ small donations to candidates 6-to-1, as in New York City.


  1. Oppose all privatization of public institutions and resources.
  2. TIF funds should only be used for the original intent, to prevent blight, preserve affordability, and create jobs within this community and our neighborhood.
  3. A city financial transaction tax, also known as the “La Salle Street Tax.”
  4. Privatization Transparency Accountability Ordinance–ensure that any privatization of city services or processes receive a transparent vote and public oversight.


  1. An elected representative school board, and other community-driven improvement of schools from the bottom up, instead of the top down
  2. Community-based sustainable school transformation, specifically Uptown Pre-K to Career Initiative
  3. Adequately fund public schools
  4. Oppose school closings, co-locations, turnarounds, any increase in charters
  5. Stewart School should remain a public building, for use for education, affordable housing, recreation, and youth programming. Or if it is used for a magnet school, as is proposed for Decatur, half the seats should be reserved for the community and the new school should not receive resources disproportionate to or at the expense of existing community schools. If it’s in the community, it must serve the community.
  6. Make Uplift the neighborhood high school.

Other public policies/services

  1. A $15 minimum wage for the City of Chicago.
  2. Every existing unit of affordable housing in the ward needs to be preserved and         supported so that the residents have decent, safe and stable housing. In addition we should use every available means, and creative means, to develop more low-cost housing, subsidized and non-subsidized, in the ward to replace the thousands of units that we have lost.
  3. Work to stop police targeting of the homeless, youth, affordable housing residents, and people of color.
  4. Support real community policing by developing police accountability committees in each beat  as an independent monitoring body as an official part of the CAPS program and elected beat facilitators.
  5. Support a comprehensive coordinated effort to build community and stop the violence that effects young people in our communities, This should include the priority programming for community youth at all community parks and institutions ( including local schools, Truman College ). Supporting more city resources for violence prevention, peer mediation, mentoring, job training, alternative sentencing and restorative justice programs

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